G E T  S W E A T Y

Extra large and extra soft! Stay dry, comfortable, and mindful in your next hot yoga class. And the best part? Microfibre material is antibacterial, so you won't have to wash it after every Shavasana. Om to that!


G E T   S A L T Y

Go ahead and get your hair wet! This beach blanket will keep you dry, cozy, and sand-free in a shake! Microfibre resists sand, so you can keep the beach out of your car and where it belongs!


G E T   W I L D

Each print was designed with a special part of the globe in mind to inspire a love for humanity, and a life of exploration and discovery. Use the Triple Towel to keep you warm & cozy in the air, or on the ground. This baby folds up nice and tight for lightweight travel. 

The Triple Towel

H A N D  -  D R A W N   A R T W O R K  |  M I C R O F I B R E   T E C H N O L O G Y   |  T H R E E   U S E S 

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